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Handle Multiple Chats 2019

But, it is a synchronous type of communication channel; meaning that it works only when both the customer and the chat agent are available together. This poses a limitation because if the visitor has a question but there is no agent available to answer, there is friction between the expectations and the reality.

Your agents might be facing regular situations where multiple clients are asking for support at once. This often results in clients waiting for a long time before someone answers or not getting an answer at all.

The final outcome is a damaged reputation of your brand and loss of potential sales opportunity.

Handling multiple chats simultaneously is a necessary evil. It can do wonders for your business if handled correctly but, can ruin your reputation if mismanaged.

Thus, it's important to understand the mechanics of handling multiple chats simultaneously.

Multitasking in general

Most people often misinterpret the true meaning of multitasking. While you are working on several tasks at once, your brain is focusing on just one task at a time. This is especially the case when the various tasks at hand require consciously thought actions. For example, if you are walking while conversing on your mobile phone, your brain subconsciously works on the walking part while processing what you hear and prompts you to speak accordingly.

But, if you are listening to two conversations at once, it will just be pure garbage and you won't be able to comprehend anything, unless you focus on a particular conversation.

The gist is that you have to switch quickly between the tasks at hand, focus on it and take action. Handling multiple chats at once requires this skill of toggling between multiple chat windows, understanding each customer's request and providing appropriate solution.

Multi-tasking Live Chats Can Be Dangerous

When a chat agent is handling more than two clients at once, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if that person is not trained or experienced appropriately.

1. The agent may not be able to fully comprehend the customer's requirements and provide a wrong solution to them.

2. The customer might get the correct solution, but the language might be off or full of errors due to agent's hurried typing which hampers the brand's reputation.

3. There might be long gaps between conversation pieces. Customers tend to get irritated when they feel that they are not being given adequate attention and might get second thoughts on purchasing from you.

4. Chat executive might mix-up the conversations with two clients by posting something to the wrong person.

Handling Multiple Chats is Necessary

Although there are a lot of things that may falter while handling multiple chats at once, no business can thrive without it. Every business aims to increase the number of visitors on their website which means that you'll have to deal with more queries and provide more support.

Such a situation demands that you increase the number of chat agents too, but common business sense would keep you from hiring a large number of chat agents to handle one customer each. It is just not economically viable.

Even if you go ahead with an army of chat agents, there might be situations when someone has to do multitasking.

Hence, it's better to be prepared for such situations. Most live support software have inbuilt features that enable the chat executives to smoothly chat with multiple clients simultaneously, but training is important too. Apart from that, there are a few more things that you can imbibe in your team so that they can face such daunting situations with a smiling face.

Efficiently handle multiple chats

1. Use Canned Responses

Pre-defined messages are savior when dealing with many customers at once. Make sure that you provide your chat agents with messages like "Greetings!

Moreover, correct usage of such phrases is essential and adequate training must be imparted to ensure the same.

Whenever chat agents require some time to keep the active chat on hold and cater to other clients, they must use messages like, "thanks for the info, let me check it and get back to you in a moment". This way the executives can buy some time and would not keep the current user waiting in anxiety for a reply.

2. Use a Text Expander Tool

Such tools can help the agents type faster by showing them frequently used words and phrases automatically. There are a lot of such tools available and your chat software might also have it inbuilt.

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