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The whole truth is there is a threat to the future of America

In Today's environment, when it appears, more attention is paid to Partisan politics, self - interest, 
than doing what's best for our nation, and seeking common ground, and a meeting - of - the - mind, it's important, for individuals, regardless of political positions/ perspectives, to seriously, consider, all options and alternatives, with the goal of proceeding, in both, a relevant way (to address current needs/ overcome obstacle), and a sustainable one! Every action taken today has the potential to have some ramifications, in terms of our future, and some, may, actually, be imposing a THREAT, to the health, and well - being, of our nation, and the earth/ world. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, identify, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the principle aspects, which must be taken seriously, without further delay.
1. Timely: When Donald Trump, ran for President, he focused on the slogan, Make America Great Again, and was elected, by supporters, who believed in it, we should have realized, timely action was being abandoned, for the sake of expediency, and focusing on experience, etc! We need, true, timely action, in order to demand, our political leaders, proceed, consistently, with an open - mind, and, make responsible choices, to ensure the safety, and well - being of future generations!
2. Healing; head/ heart; heroic: It doesn't take heroic leadership, to do the right thing! If we care about the future and protecting it, we must demand, our public officials, prioritize healing, instead of dividing and polarizing! They must examine, both the logical, as well as emotional aspects, proceeding with a head/ heart balance!
3. Relevant; responsive; realistic; rhetoric: Empty rhetoric and vitriol, must not be, tolerated, from those, we elect! Rather, we deserve relevant, responsive, responsible, realistic behavior, which considers the potential ramifications, towards a quality, safer world!
4, Endanger; environment; excuses; excellence: There is no place, for actions, which might endanger, the future of this earth! Absolutely, protect the environment, and make no excuses, towards the quest, for the utmost degree of genuine, relevant, excellence!
5. Attitude; attention; articulate: The positive, can - do, the attitude of a quality leader, combined with the willingness, and ability to articulate an inspiring, motivating, message, requires paying keen attention, to the sustainable needs, of the future, in a well-considered, manner!
6. Trends; time - tested: What good is being idealistic, unless/ until, it is combined with a pragmatic consideration? Leaders must provide, time - tested ideas, plans (strategic and action), and a focus, towards, leaving future generations, with the Earth, they need and deserve!
Wake up, America, and demand, your elected officials, seriously consider, the impacts, on the future. Consider and address, the potential, THREAT, if this is not the behavior

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