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Magic and sorcery is very dangerous 2020

Magic and sorcery is very dangerous 2020

Magic and sorcery is very dangerous 2020

Magic and sorcery is very dangerous 

most of them Catholics the church

forbids any dealings with witchcraft

saying it's the work of the devil

but for many Mexicans the allure of

magic both good and evil is irresistible

believers find the tools of witchcraft

at the Senora witches market

afro-caribbean anthropologist Anthony

zabaleta has studied the market for 25

years in every cranny of this maze bruja

or witch doctors peddle their cures it's

a market for even the most gruesome

wares along with goods the market

provides services in back rooms behind

the stalls nearly anything is possible

spells can be cast or lifted customers

can have their spirits cleansed or

engage in satanic rites it's all here

curses fly powered by wing of bat and

tongue of pig

which is bind hexes in black ribbon

ready for burial in a human grave curses

like these are all too familiar to

doctor zabaleta as part of his research

zabaleta has been studying with Alberto

Salinas a healer who's come all the way

from Texas Alberto is here to restock

his ex fighting kit believe in

witchcraft was just an abstract idea for

doctors a Valletta until he had his own

life-changing encounter with black magic

Zabaleta was travelling with Alberto and

other healers on a mission what we found

and what we saw that day was just

unbelievable in 30 years of research

field research into Leucadia include

entities Mullen I had never encountered

anything like that and probably never

will again they came to a site where

black magic was rumoured to take place

dr. Zabaleta videotaped the events that

followed short up here what is it all

there oh my god the healers had come

upon nearly a hundred objects buried as

part of a hexing ritual

my god look at that that's unbelievable

hello hold it up for me my god this is

casting a spell Oh or someone this is

HAP that carnage that somebody huge to

clean themselves so they put something I

belong another person that they wanna

cast a spell over this is a monster it

is black magic though is it evil just

the the sense in the feeling that I had

of the the the people men women children

who were captured and so to speak and

those objects that are intended to does

to to break up marriages or break up

relationships or to bring people

together or more nefariously to kill

people and in people's lives and there

was a horrible thing the healers felt

they had to take action and quickly for

Alberto the mission suddenly turned

extremely dangerous when you break

spells and evil spirits are concerned

you are in danger you're going into

somebody's territory

somebody's domain it's obvious that if

these people happen to find out that

you've gone and destroyed something

they've done and they may try to do

something to you

I became physically I became I was ill

and everybody felt badly in one way or

another with so much evil concentrated

in one place

the healers felt their spirits were in

jeopardy doctors a Valletta suspended

his disbelief and agreed to be cleansed


to use the Spanish word ritual sweeping

and a cleansing to have whatever might

have attached itself to us to take it

off of us and hence make us whole and

put us back together his experience that

day in that place pushed aside science

and challenged his beliefs the fact

where the real or imagined was was very

real on me and of course an imagined

effect or psychologically and

emotionally induced a fact that produces

physiological change is valid and it's

real but I've seen many things that I

simply cannot explain

dr. zabaleta story is not uncommon

science doesn't always conquer the

supernatural and for those who believe

witchcraft is all too real

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