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Animals you have not heard before! Strangest stories

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Animals you have not heard before! Strangest stories

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In the past months, a lot of strange animal stories have emerged exceptionally. It is what proves to us that animal behaviors are sometimes different from what we envision and become more strange and wild.


Strangest animal stories that you have not heard before!
Ants that eat together to survive

Scientists have discovered that ants trapped in an abandoned nuclear lair in western Poland are devouring their dead for survival. In 2015, researchers found for the first time, a meat-eating ant colony, which was roaming the land of a Soviet military warehouse near the German border, where several thousand working ants fell through a tube in the roof of the bunker, and was unable to climb again.

When examining the dead corpses of dead ants on the ground, scientists discovered that the signs of necrosis were covered in many insect stomachs. But this hideous tale has a somewhat happy ending, when researchers in 2019 installed an ant slope to escape.

Gulls do not like anyone staring at them

How can beach goalkeepers prevent annoying seagulls from stealing their snacks? Staring at birds obviously could drive them away from you, according to a study published in August 2019.

Researchers enticed gulls at the beach with bags of french fries, and tested how those birds would behave when seen. When the researchers stared at the seagull, it became more wary of approaching, but many of those birds decided not to get close to the foundation, on the contrary, when the team ignored the gulls, they were boldly approaching and stealing these bags.

Ant suicide

A study published in July 2019 showed that ants with certain fungi begin to roam aimlessly and eventually climb up on the tops of trees and die.

After an in-depth study of the subject, Ophiocordyceps kimflemingiae was found to be the main cause of this ant condition.

A marine worm that eats rocks

Scientists have discovered this year a marine clam called clam, but the surprise is that this worm is feeding on rocks, because it is not able to reach ship timbers as other sea worms do.

Mice eat birds

We often see in documentaries how birds feed on rodents, including mice in the fields, but have you ever seen mice eating birds?

On the island of Gove, in the South Atlantic, mice have grown to hunt large albatross birds, which is a huge loss for islanders trying to protect these birds, as they only lay one egg each year, which is one of the endangered birds.

Female komodo dragon does not need males to reproduce

Scientists have discovered this year that female Komodo dragons can reproduce without receiving sperm from the komondo. In London's Chester Park, one of these reptiles laid 8 eggs, even though she is still a virgin!

Animals you have not heard before

! Strangest stories


Animals you have not heard before! Strangest stories

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