Some in Melbourne's COVID-19 hotspots dismiss the health risks as testing blitz gets underway - buz 24

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Some in Melbourne's COVID-19 hotspots dismiss the health risks as testing blitz gets underway

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Some in Melbourne's COVID-19 hotspots dismiss the health risks as testing blitz gets underway 

Some in Melbourne's COVID-19 hotspots dismiss the health risks as testing blitz gets underway

Some in Melbourne's COVID-19 hotspots dismiss the health risks as testing blitz gets underway - ABC News - 2 months ago on June 25th 2020 On the streets of Broadmeadows in Melbourne's north, there's both deep concern and general indifference to the Victorian Government's coronavirus testing blitz, with some locals saying that not even a deadly virus would cause them to vary their behaviour. A team of 800 doctors will attempt to test 10,000 people each day in Melbourne's 10 problem suburbs, to hold out about 100,000 tests in 10 days. Broadmeadows is one among the hotspots with a worrying spike within the number of cases of COVID-19.
a toddler getting a test for COVID-19 with a person putting a swab in her mouth. But while some Broadmeadows locals expressed fear and urged their fellow residents to heed health warnings, others described the virus as "rubbish". Lve ben Out and about and Everybody has and that I Haven't met an Individual That's got It, One Man said. He said he was still hugging and kissing people in greeting and said COVID-19 wasn't dangerous. LTS not deadly it's like all other Virus he said A person Who s 99 years old is Dying 100 years old is Dying they go to die the subsequent day regardless, so why does it matter? "I'm not getting to stop my whole life for coronavirus, I've needed to work, I've got a business to run … a bit like everyone else in Broadmeadows." a person during a black top with a 

beard. Others said they weren't surprised to find out that Broadmeadows was a hotspot. "No-one listens to the principles … not staying home, hugging, kissing," one man said. Some urged the govt to introduce heftier fines for failing to practice social distancing.
"People think they do not get sick, but this is often not a game anymore," one woman said, describing the behaviour of some as "stupid". "[They] are hugging, they're kissing, they're too on the brink of one another," she said. But other locals said they weren't worried about hugging and weren't practising social distancing. "In our community, everybody does that," one man said. Why are some suburbs hotspots? We may never know Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaliese van Diemen called the comments that everybody was going to urge coronavirus "concerning". She urged people to still keep their distance so as "to keep this corner in our community". "People got to avoid hugging one another and that they got to avoid shaking hands. they have to stay 1.5 metres apart," she told ABC News 

Breakfast. "I would thoroughly disagree that everyone has it which everybody goes to urge it." Four doctors wearing PPE speak to a lady during a robe-de-chambre at a coronavirus testing station on a residential street. Dr van Diemen said the testing blitz was underway and had been going well. "We've had good engagement from the community, many tests are done yesterday," she told ABC Radio Melbourne. "We're expecting that to extend over coming days." But we may never know why some suburbs were hotspots et al. weren't. "It's clear there was still some virus lurking around, that there [were] some transmission chains," she said. "With significantly increased movement, increased mixing, increased gathering sizes and frequency, that previous couple of infections have just had the prospect to require off." She said there was a posh set of things at play, like, for instance, the very fact some workforces in these hotspots had to still physically attend work during the lockdown. Two men greet and embrace one another during a street. Elsewhere, because the testing blitz got underway, people said they were unfazed to be living or working in one among Melbourne's coronavirus 

hotspots. One woman from Keilor Downs in Melbourne's north-west said she was aged with life and had been dismissing the concerns expressed by her relatives for her safety as "rubbish". "I ignore the hotspot, Keilor's an exquisite place to measure , hotspot or not," she said. She was unimpressed by the testing blitz. "I reckon we're crushing a peanut with a sledgehammer." In Pakenham, some said they were living life as normal, despite the virus. "I haven't seen anybody with COVID," one woman said. But Kay from Cafe Transylvania in Hallam said she was praying for people to concentrate. "Everybody should try to do the proper thing," she said. a lady holds a swab to her mouth as an ambulance officer watches. Premier urges everyone to be cooperative the primary three days of Victoria's testing blitz will specialise in Keilor Downs and Broadmeadows, where doctors will aim to check half the population. the main target will then move to other hotspot suburbs throughout the 10-day program. Stay up-to-date on the coronavirus outbreak A map highlighting eight suburbs in Melbourne's north and west. the opposite suburbs central to the ramped-up testing program are Maidstone, Albanvale, Sunshine West, Brunswick West, Fawkner, Reservoir also as Hallam and 

Pakenham within the outer south-eastern suburbs. A map showing Hallam and Pakenham highlighted in orange. Victoria's Premier Daniel Andrews said ambulances and other testing vans would be at the top of the many streets to form it easy for residents to be tested. "They are going to be invited to return and obtain a test, and they'll only need to travel 50 metres or 100 metres to finish that test," Mr Andrews said. The blitz was announced on each day when Victoria recorded 33 more coronavirus infections and another childcare centre, Connie Benn Early Learning Centre in Fitzroy, was forced to shut after a parent of a toddler who attended the centre tested positive to COVID-19. Mr Andrews said he was "confident" the strategy would help contain community transmission in Victoria. He urged everyone to be cooperative and obtain tested. What you would like to understand about

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