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make money trading online

make money trading online

 so what is trading well trading right in layman t'me simply means that you are trying to buy and sell different financial instruments right you can be buying stocks you can be selling futures you can be you know buying in exchange the different currencies so basically trading means that as a trader you're trying to profit from the buying and selling of the different financial instruments this is it right this is the most layman definition of what is trading and one thing to note about trading is that you are dealing with 

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probabilities all right never certainty so what does that entails that means that you know when you are trading there is always the possibility of a loss right there is no such thing as a hundred percent winning thing in trading right it is never guaranteed it is not risk-free so the moment you hear words like certain guarantee confirm right stay away because there is not trading trading you always have to bear in mind of the possibilities of a loss right because that is probability right if you win 50 percent of the time there will be chance where you can lose six seven eight nine ten trades in a row it is possible according to the law of 

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probabilities so in trading the losses are very real right you will have losing streaks you'll be dealing with probability so you are never sure whether the next trade will be a winning trade so you're probably probability of your wins right it varies from Progress low as 20% of your trend follow anything goes higher right if you're if you're a swing trader you can have a higher winning percentage so your probability will vary as a trader but probability itself it's not the full picture in trading because you also need to look at your wrist reward so all this will cover in the later video so you don't have to worry about it right now right now I just want you to understand what is trading so now that you have an idea of what is trading 

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you may be wondering hey Rana what is the difference between trading and investing well if you ask me the May difference between trading and investing is basically your holding period as the trader you typically have a much shorter holding period compared to someone who's an investor and investor typically you look into to buy an asset at a low prices and you would intend to hold it for the next few years but as a trader right let's say for example you're at you're a swing trader you will typically hold 


your treats anywhere from one or two days to a few weeks right so you can see the main difference between trading and investing is the time horizon right trading you have a much shorter time horizon combat to someone who's an investor who's looking to hold their assets for a few years so this is it right I hope you find this shot video useful and with that alright I wish y'all good luck and good treaty I'll talk to you soon

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