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iPhone 13 Dummy FIRST LOOK! 2021

where'd you hide them who's got the rumors i need them i got to make money i got to feed my 14 kids all right i'm gonna get mad if we don't start talking about this iphone 13 stuff soon because we don't talk about it it's not going to come out hey guys what's up sam here welcome back to another video and today we are talking about iphone 13 iphone se 3 future apple events a lot a lot of good stuff just like the new episode of genius bar that dropped listen these are getting better by the week i said it on the podcast i like the podcast more than youtube sorry guys it's just me and john frost are hanging out for like an hour to an hour and a half every week and honestly it is uh it's a much needed boy time you know just me and the guys so if you want to listen to that link is down below genius bar out now everywhere wait i just checked are you not subscribed to the channel yet go down below hit that

 subscribe button and turn on that bell for all notifications so that you never miss a beat on the latest apple news opening the show today i want to spin the wheel to see what topic comes up first we got iphone se3 iphone 13 or apple's big changes for events what is it going to be put your hands together for apple's change and events okay so this is something that mark german who's about 90 accurate had this like interesting write-up about in the past week so in this larger piece about apple's vr strategy and like the headset thing that's coming out in a few months like actually unironically the apple vr headset

 german says is just a couple of months away which is i mean kind of insane this thing has been in development for a really long time it's going to be light weight have 12 plus cameras dual 8k and yes i do mean 8k not 4k not 2k not 1080p two 8k displays and it could be yours for the cost of three thousand dollars bring it downtown oh up top yeah there we go um yeah none of you guys are gonna buy it

 because you're all freaking poor so like the fact that the headset is coming in just a couple months is kind of a big deal but the real story here was how apple has viewed sort of their their past year of events during the pandemic we obviously saw the biggest change for apple's event strategy uh of all time when the pandemic hit like wwdc which was thousands and thousands of people rushing into the same spot suddenly became virtual instead of holding one event in the fall or maybe two at the very most we saw one in september one in october and one in november you probably like yourself or heard somebody else say wow the apple vents look so good the drone shots are great and i love the way that it's just so streamlined and there's not a whole lot of fluff yeah well apple hates it i think it's the amount of effort

 that goes into pre-production the actual show post-production the drone shots the cruise it's a lot and while it was a great vessel during the pandemic and guess who doesn't get to come on apple's campus during these events and during this time the media the press i'm talking about the big shooters on the court marquez brownlee the verge tech uh austin evans you know all the all the people that are like going to the apple events because they get to go hands-on early and it turns out that does a lot it's a big event literally as far as people coming in and creating hype it's also an apples controlled environment it's not them sending the products to reviewers where reviewers can kind of do whatever if they have issues it's like yeah you can make a phone call or send an email but there's not an apple engineer on site the lighting might be different the quality of the production is going to be different because it's in

 somebody's studio rather than apple's on-demand little hub and apple really likes that so these vr glasses are not only coming in a few months they're coming at an in-person event in a couple of months now wwdc is obviously coming up so it's very possible that these will and could be showed at this event nobody said that explicitly but i'm just putting together the pieces here so i wouldn't be shocked considering german's track record and the fact that apple was like okay now let's get some cringy jokes and some air force one and some fan service back in these hello and welcome back to i mean honestly i like the events they're fun but the digital events i mean they're they're pretty well put together and uh i mean speaking of things put together not all that well i mean listen we're talking about the iphone 13 and the notch but uh i mean makatikara i love you guys but could you give this maybe not to a four-

year-old like i don't know who's doing these mock-ups i don't know who allowed this i mean listen i'm not saying you need the perfect polished like production ready dummy unit for the iphone to show off but like maybe this like hard plastic with the ios 11 wallpaper maybe we could do a little bit better nonetheless makatikara who is around 60 accurate is back today with some information about the iphone 13 and it's actually really really good news like as much as i've like to macka takara they actually have great info and they were like dead on with the iphone 12 so what makatakara is showing us here is what they say is an iphone 13 pro mock-up that they found on alibaba so i mean obviously take some of this with a grain of salt but again like the thing that looked like this for the iphone 12 from them last year was dead on in fact pretty much every detail for the iphone 13 pro here is the same as the 12 pro the boxiness the width and depth and height of the actual phone and of course the camera setup the camera setup is remaining the same what's changing is on the front with a completely redesigned look at the notch here now obviously we have been talking about the notch and this design and what it could look like forever and i know you guys are sitting there going i swear to god if this guy if this dude talks about the notch one more time what are you waiting for go ahead and click on that unsubscribe

 button right now and of course press that dislike as well to let me know that you absolutely hate me but this time for real i i like to genuinely believe that the notch is going to be fixed you can see the updated design basically squishes everything together and moves the speaker up to the bezel which is not only really smart but i think it looks phenomenal my fundamental issue with the notch has not been oh it's problematic in its current state it's just like compared to everybody else that's coming out with smartphones they've come up with a better solution than this chunky black bar on the top of your screen so what apple is doing here is just making it a bit smaller shifting the speaker up and giving us something that actually looks i don't know dare i say somewhat futuristic like i don't think that this is as good as it could be i think we're all looking for that 2023 no notch iphone that my friend renders by ian dreamed up i mean yeah this is like based on rumors this is what it's going to look like but that's not

 coming for a couple years every credible source is saying that the notch is going to get smaller where it was a bit mixed in the past and we've seen a couple designs floating around one is this one which is just the same width but a bit shorter and the second my favorite one is actually what leaked from makitsukara and the most recent things we've been hearing which is just squishing everything together and moving the speaker up to the bezel now for the feature story today iphone se3 there has been a lot of talk about when this device is coming like for a lot of you you know if you're like me as well i was

 like oh there's gonna be a new one this year because like we got the new iphone se for the first time in years in 2020 and i thought because of its success apple would just send it forward you know and every year we'd get one but that is not the case we got some really revealing info from display analyst ross young who is actually a hundred percent accurate the dude was like the only guy consistently saying that 120 hertz was not happening on the iphone 12 and would only happen this year in 2021 and now

 has some projections about the iphone se 3 and the iphone se 4 that's coming out in 2023. so here's what we're hearing for 2022 a 4.7 inch lcd display and 5g there you go that's the iphone se3 go ahead and got the store and buy it it's out now it's great oh you don't get it either no neither do i so wait after two years of the iphone se 2020 being out you're telling me apple's keeping the exact same design 4.7 inches and just adding 5g and then like a faster processor that means it would just be the iphone 8 which is the iphone se which is the iphone se3 like i failed to understand how anyone would be interested in this phone i think if that phone came out in 2021 sure the 4.7 inch screen with the bezels and the home button and just 5g and a faster processor it doesn't seem like enough for 2022. but in 2023 that's when the crazy train comes through because it says oh you think the iphone 8 and the iphone se and the

 iphone se3 all look the same okay why don't we just make it a super premium design now i'm also skeptical about this but ross young says that the iphone se4 coming in 2023 will have a 6.1 inch redesign so it'll be the size of something like an iphone 11 or iphone 10r but instead of a notch it's going to have a hole punch design so the primary iphones the flagships are getting hole punched in 2022 and then in 2023 like six months later that's when we're getting the hole punch like pretty upgraded design for the iphone sc what if ross young's track record was not this good i would not be talking about this at all but like the dude has nailed details in the past and has like a really good network of display analysts that's why like most of these details are about the screen rather than the final design or other features like a faster processor i mean i'm all for apple making things more affordable but like a whole punch

 design sounds pretty premium and apple's bringing that to the lowest cost iphone in 2023 man if that's happening then the 20 oh the 2023 iphone is supposed to go completely notchless completely hole punchless full screen so maybe this does make sense all i know is that for a few years i've sort of been of the opinion that the iphone has hit its golden age and that like it's just kind of gonna go down fr

om here like popularity wise everybody has one it's peaked but there's some pretty major upgrades happening design wise over the course of the next few years not just for apple's iphone 13 and beyond lineup but also for the lowest end model the iphone se and all of this broadly really good news you're

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